No Internet Game Site Stats

  • Monthly unique visitors: 30,000
  • Monthly page views: 125,000
  • Bounce rate: 45%
  • Average site session duration: 4m 50s
  • Monthly traffic consists of about 5% referral, 13% direct, and 82% search. So the majority of users are new and coming via organic search.

No Internet Game Advertisement Space Stats/Information

  • Ad size: 728×90
  • Typical monthly clicks: 650-800
  • Niches that typically do best in this ad space: Gaming, technology, cool gadgets, and software products

Interested in This Advertising Opportunity? How to Contact Us

Click here to visit our contact page and inquire about this advertising opportunity (managed by our parent company). After entering this page, just click the dropdown menu under “Contacting in Regards to” and choose “No Internet Game (Advertising Inquiries)” This will bring down a list of information regarding advertising to fill out.

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